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3 hours


With the increase in lawsuits over the last few decades, it's safe to state that we, in the United States, have become a litigious nation. Lawsuits, or the threat thereof, within the real estate industry, are certainly not an exception. One of the causes, perhaps, is that a party does not have to prove that they were wronged before filing for a suit. To complicate this even further, is that in most jurisdictions, the filing fee is very nominal. So, it becomes quite easy and inexpensive to threaten litigation. The purpose of this course is to explore some sound risk management procedures which can minimize your exposure and reduce your risk of being threatened with a suit. During this course, there will also be an emphasis on shifting the risk to those professionals who specialize in a particular field within the real estate industry. In doing so, you'll also reduce the risk to your brokerage and to your client as well.