Oregon Broker Advanced Practices First License Renewal Package

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The Oregon Broker Advanced Practices First License Renewal Package is a comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for real estate brokers in Oregon looking to renew their license for the first time. This package meets all state requirements, offering a deep dive into advanced real estate practices to help ensure brokers are well-equipped to navigate the industry with competence and professionalism. Key in this package is the inclusion of the mandatory Law and Rule Required Course (LARRC), which provides up-to-date information on changes in real estate law and regulations in Oregon. By completing this package, brokers not only fulfill their renewal requirements but also gain valuable knowledge and insights that can help them succeed in their profession. The aim of this package is to reinforce the essential knowledge and skills needed by brokers to provide high-quality service while ensuring compliance with Oregon's real estate laws and regulations. It’s a valuable investment in professional growth and a crucial step towards continued success in Oregon's dynamic real estate market.

Courses included in this package